About us - Mbekweni Youth Centre
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About Us

Below are the beliefs and values of the Mbekweni Youth Centre.


Inspiring the youth to a life of excellence.


To empower the youth of Mbekweni with the necessary life skills, health & wellness and educational support in a warm, vibrant environment to ensure they reach their future dreams.

  1. Conquerors – Against all odds
  2. Welcoming – Kind and welcoming
  3. Self-development – Continuously improvement
  4. Passion – Passionate & Excited about what we do
  5. Unity – Working together (centre & community)

Who We Are

Mbekweni Youth Centre is a place of Hope. A sanctuary and a place of influence for the youth of Mbekweni where they can grow & develop through fun and exciting programmes and initiatives.

What We Do

The Centre Offers The Following Programs:

– Improvement of Academic Performance
– Career Guidance
– Life Skills

How We Do It

We believe that through the power of working together with the community we can change lives by enabling individuals, to develop their own confidence to become young entrepreneurs.

Our Programmes

Have a look at all the programmes that the Mbekweni Youth Centre has to offer.

Featured Programme

Below are one of our programmes called the Improvement of academic performance.

Improvement of Academic performance

With this programme we focus on students who are underperforming and for those who want to increase their performance to get good results academically. The programme is for all students in grade 12 doing Accounting, English, Mathematics & Afrikaans.

The programme assists learners to improve their academic performance through:
Homework Assistance – this is to encourage students to do their daily school work

Saturday classes – Revising on the weeks work to increase their performance

Computer Software – Computerised Mathematic application

Our Team

Meet the awesome team that makes everything happen.

Board Members

Eugene Maqwelana
Leon Cronje
Nico Moloto

Our Management

Selwyn Paterson


Feel free to pop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t be shy to visit us too!


10 Phokeng, Mbekweni, Paarl 7655

P.O. Box 8010, Mbekweni, Paal, 7655


Email:      info@mbekweniyouthcentre.org

Phone:     021 205 4414

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